“Its an emotional roller coaster! You will laugh hysterically, be shocked, and cry, and just when its over, you will beg to ride again! Can’t wait for part 2!”
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“On turning eighteen and after surveying the nonexistent landscape of my sexual history, I decided it was time to lose my virginity. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to lose my virginity with because in addition to being a late bloomer sexually, I was a late bloomer emotionally and socially. In other words, there weren’t a lot of girls in my life. And by a lot I mean any. So, I turned to my only recourse: the world’s oldest profession.”

Welcome to the hilarious, sexy, wild, and captivating world of Hedley Turk. In My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman, Turk creates a new genre—Memoir on Steroids—with his outrageously hilarious, charmingly poignant, and always candid style of nonfiction storytelling.

Hedley Turk loses his virginity to a professional; he rides his motorcycle through a crowded New York City department store; Brad Pitt steals his girlfriend; he finds himself homeless, living in a car with his dog, surviving on bagels; he almost becomes a professional wrestler and boxer; and a mishap with his girlfriend prompts a 911 operator to ask, “You have your what stuck where?” And there’s much more!

A classic page-turner, My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman is laugh-out-loud funny and difficult to put down, showcasing Turk’s unmistakable voice as one of the freshest and funniest in American writing.

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